Loretta Baugh
Candidate for CFA Director at Large

My cattery, “Kittrik”, was registered in 1957. Under that name I was fortunate to breed/show multiple Regional and National winners.  My love for the hobby drove me to strive to become a Judge. I judged my first show in 1965, and was Approval Pending Allbreed at the age of 21. The ensuing years brought changes in my involvement including participation in many events when I lived in New Jersey, including club activity with the Garden State Cat Club, Sand and Surf Cat Club, Penn Jersey Cat Club and many duties involved as a club officer and show official.  I met my husband, Tom, in the fancy and moved to Michigan in 1975. I continued my love for judging, pedigreed cats and CFA. When my children were of an age that allowed more intense participation, it became time to give back to the Association that has been an anchor throughout my life.  My activities include:

  • June 2004 to present,  Great Lakes Regional Director
  • June 2004-2005 Liaison to Breeder Assistance Program
  • June 2005-2010 Chair Show Rules Committee
  • June 2010 to present, Chair CFA Judging Program Committee.

Throughout the years and ways I have been able to serve CFA, two things have never lessened -- my love of the hobby, and my desire to be involved in developing a stronger CFA. Involved as a Regional Director, Committee Member, Judge and exhibitor, I learn first-hand the thoughts, concerns and ideas of many different groups. Always available, I welcome, and indeed solicit, input on any topic or new idea. Experience of, and current participation in the Association at every level, allows me to direct input along the most appropriate route, and to do so without prejudice.

My husband and I raised our family within the CFA Community. Now we watch our grand-daughter’s delight in visiting the show-hall, and experiencing cat shows. Recently we witnessed her excitement in receiving her first, “very own”, CFA registered kitten. That excitement and delight, I believe, can be felt by any new owner, regardless of age. That new owner can become a true fancier. New fanciers are the future of a stronger CFA.

CFA cat shows are the opportunity to reach new fanciers, and we look to our exhibitors to promote cat ownership and exhibiting. However to make that feasible, exhibitors’ needs must also be met in their ability to access shows which:

  • Are within reasonable distance to their homes
  • Are affordable
  • Offer some hope of a degree of success.

I support initiatives which will:

  • Recognize the average exhibitor is the lifeblood of our Association
  • Make our hobby fun
  • Allow shows within reasonable distances
  • Structure fees to enable clubs to succeed with smaller shows and less entries
  • Encourage shows to hold more specialty rings
  • Continue increased marketing to make the Fancy more visible
  • Increase support for clubs from the Association and Sponsors.

As an exhibitor I believe some degree of success has to be attainable within reasonable financial budgets. I feel I can be energetic in encouraging and developing reviews of how shows are structured and produced. In doing so, we will support shows as vehicles which can be used to further promote our Fancy amongst the public at large.

In being an active member of several CFA Clubs, I understand the challenges to all Clubs are no less, relatively, than the problems were prior to June 2010, for CFA. I am committed and determined to facilitate a way forward ensuring survival for the Clubs.

In the almost three years from June 2010 to today, we have witnessed CFA come back from the brink of fiscal disaster. There have been many accomplishments spearheaded by a Board comprised of dedicated Members, of which I am proud to have been one. In that role I have developed the skills necessary to continue in fairly representing the interests of CFA. 

My past experiences and commitment, current belief in our Association, and desire to fairly represent  both individuals and Clubs in the future, allow me the confidence in soliciting you to consider me  a worthy candidate for Director At Large. 

Please email me at kittrik@live.com if you have any questions.

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